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  • Fountain sculpture, as its name suggests, refers to the artificial water spray equipment used to beautify the environment. It is a kind of sculpture shape, generally refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of the fountain. These sculptures have a very strong visual impact, and the spectacular scenery of the fountain complements the environment, making the environment more fascinating. The fountain sculpture and fountain theme reflect each other, and it combines humanities knowledge such as sculpture art and environmental beautification. It is the first choice for people to take a group photo.Water Fountain manufacturers website:
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    Quick Details
    The windproof lighter can be said to be the predecessor of the portable welding gas torch.
    Filter gas structure: reduce the probability of blockage, ensure tool performance and improve life.
    Pressure regulating structure: Optimize the control of gas flow with higher flame size and temperature.
    Insulation structure: reduce the heat conduction effect and ensure the stability of the pressure regulating structure and gas flow.
    Item NoWS-511C
    Product MaterialPlastic, stainless steel
    Packaging1pc/blister box, 100pcs/carton
    Normal pack carton size and weight83X33X52 cm,20.5 / 19 KGS
    Igniting methodPiezoelectric igniting
    The Fuel Butane
    CustomizedOEM&ODM are welcomed
    Sample timeSamples in stock 1-2 days Customized samples 5-7 days after artwork approved
    Lead time10-35 days after sample approved (depend on order quantity )
    Direction of Use:
    1.Turn the knob slowly in the “+” direction to start gas flowing then press the “PUSH” button in the center of the control knob until it clicks.
    2.Adjust the flame between “-”and”+” (low and high heat) position as required.
    3.Be aware of flaring flame which may occur during the two minutes warm-up period and during which the appliance should not be angled more than 15 degrees from the vertical position.
    4.After burning for two minutes, the appliance is preheated and can be used at any angles without flaring.Keeping the tab to the top reduces flaring.
    1. Welding And Incision
    2. Outdoor Camping BBQ
    3. Kitchen Baking Tools
    4. Burning Animal’s Fur Or Feather And Defrosting meat
    5. Quick Engine Heating Before Starting In Winter
    6. Shrink And Soften Plastic Material
    7. Ceramic Teeth Repair
    8. Processing Welding For Jewelry And Glasses
    About our Exhibition
    2016 Autumn Canton FairCustomized Welding Torch


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