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  • Fountain sculpture, as its name suggests, refers to the artificial water spray equipment used to beautify the environment. It is a kind of sculpture shape, generally refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of the fountain. These sculptures have a very strong visual impact, and the spectacular scenery of the fountain complements the environment, making the environment more fascinating. The fountain sculpture and fountain theme reflect each other, and it combines humanities knowledge such as sculpture art and environmental beautification. It is the first choice for people to take a group photo.Water Fountain manufacturers website:
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    1 week, 5 days ago
    Our Factory
    Our company specialized in producing marine light, lamps and electrical products over 15 years.
    Its and ideal cooperative partner for the units involving shipbuilding and shipping supply and offshore and navy equipment.
    Technical is our company core competition, quality is our company life, customer is our company centre care, we always offer the top marine light products and best services for customer new needs as fast as we can in changing market environment.
    Our Product
    Series of Marine light, lamp, electrics, navigation signal light, fluorescent light, spot light, explosion proof light, explosion proof electric, marine junction box ,marine alarm bell, DIN/JIS/IEC plug socket,switch. etc.
    Product Application
    Shipping, Shipbuilding, sea transporation,offshore oil, Navy equipment.
    Our Certificate
    CCS ,BV and ex-proof quality certificate issued by National Explosion-proof Electric Test Center.China Marine Nylon Waterght Switch


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